Pfingsten Yoga & Music

Dates of Travel:

21.05. – 24.05.2021

An extended weekend over Pfingsten (German public holiday)! Be a part of it and secure your place at the seminar-hotel Jonathan in Chiemgau / Bavaria (Near lake Chiemsee). 

Just one hour away from Munich.

We practise dynamic Jivamukti and Ashtanga Yoga classes with live-percussion, technics, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, „silent walks“, wellness, kirtan & dance. Suitable for all levels.


The Jonathan comes alive with the people who live and work here. But also with the people who come here as guests, as participants for the seminars. Everybody is welcome here, just the way they are. This is one of the important aspects that make the Jonathan unique. Development is important to us, a personal development in your own pace, according to your own wishes and needs.


Friday 29.05.2020
17:00 Welcome & Yoga class
19:30 Dinner

Saturday 30.05.2020
08:00 Breakfast
09:30 Silent walk or meditation
10:30 Yoga class
13:00 Lunch
17:00 Yoga class with live music
19:30 Dinner
21:00 Kirtan concert with Fantuzzi

Sunday 31.05.2020
08:00 Breakfast
09:30 Silent walk or meditation
10:30 Yoga class with live music
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Percussion Work Shop
16:00 Handstand Tips & Tricks
17:00 Yoga class with live music
19:30 Dinner
21:00 Wellness / Sauna

Monday 01.06.2020
08:00 Breakfast
09:30 Silent walk or meditation
10:30 Yoga class
13:00 Finish and brunch

*subject to change



Jivamukti Yoga

Anett has a great history as an acrobat performing at events of any kind. She always had a great talent and joy in artistic gymnastics. She was trained at the „Fachschule für Artistik" in Berlin. In 2005 she met Nadja Palmers in a yoga start up work shop and was fascinated by her personality and method of teaching. In 2007 she did her Jivamukti teacher training, and since 2016 she holds an advanced certification as an Jivamukti Yoga Teacher. Anett wants to share her knowledge as a yoga teacher, her experience and her know-how as an acrobat to help her students. She bows down deeply to all her teachers. 
Love & peace for everyONE



Ashtanga Yoga

Tommy practices Yoga with great discipline and dedication - the power of thoughts and the connection of body and mind is what fascinates him.
His focus is on a exact alignment and correct execution of poses. His classes are authentic, challenging, demanding and humorous.

He thanks and bows down to all his teachers and everyone he practised yoga with and inspired him.

Love & peace for everyONE




"King" Jan is a well-known and renowned percussionist. He is a member of „Aron Düül2“, and is otherwise engaged with many other bands and events. His percussion workshops are legendary as are his Kirtan sessions, and all the dynamic Yoga classes where he is playing the beat.



Tabla / Dulcimer

There are two things Erhard loves to listen to in his life: music and silence, in the inner and outer nature. The fascination of sound and rythm lead him from dulcimer to tabla and to the modal classic indian music. For more than a decade he is student of Taalyogi Pandit Suresh Talwalkar from Pune / India. A lucky coinsidence lead him to Bhaktiyoga, as Petros Haffenrichter needed a Tabla player.  Since then he plays music with Petros, Spring Groove, Dave Stringer, Shyamdas, Saatya&Pari, Brenda, McMorrow, Philip Stegmüller and the Kirtaniyas.



Gesang / Gitarre

As soon as he enters the stage, his blissful smile, laughter and contagious happiness ignite audiences into jubilation. Fantuzzi's African-Caribbean roots and phenomenal international travel experiences meld into ecstatic, dramatic, transformational, interactive performances.
Fantuzzi's music is "Mystic Latin, Reggae, Afro-Funk" - infused with the energies and rhythms of Afro-Caribbean Nyabinghi, Latin Salsa, Merengue, African drums, Devotional Kirtan, giving voice to unique chants, soul-rich songs and electrifying sensual dance.


Single bedroom: 549,00 € * / 579,00 €
Double bedroom: 439,00 € * / 469,00 € per person
Triple bedroom: 399,00 € per person * / 419,00 € per person

Dorm: 299,00 € * / 319,00 € per person

Yurt (min 2 persons): 399,00 € per person - on Request

Single room (shared bathroom):439,00 € * / 469,00per person

Tent : 319,00 € per person 

Only Yoga program (without accommodation and food): 140,00 €

Only Kirtan: 24,00 €

*Early bird until 01.03.2020


+ Yoga program as stated
+ Accomodation incl. vegetarian/vegan full board (Vollpension)

Please note: The percussion workshop must be booked with Jan at the venue


"I practice the Magic 6 every day (sometimes also the Magic 10) before work and it feels awesome. Thank you very much. See you next year."

"It was great fun. Next year again! Love"

"It was awesome and I often think back. My highlight of the year!"


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